Digital Marketing Plans

In today's world, digital marketing is the most effective means to boost your company's earnings. Rather than go for highly expensive traditional means of marketing why not go for a cheap and effective online medium of reaching a wider coverage of people on the internet? Our Marketing Plans are tailored to fit your specific needs. We help corporate companies, SMEs, Startups attract new customers and retain existing customers on the internet; and even private individuals who have a specific message that needs to be publicized online, quickly and efficiently to a millions of audience. Your digital growth is our goal and that's why we're here to provide you with flexible plans on digital marketing services that works.

Base Packages

Marketing Plans


35k One-Off
  • 10 Design Posts
  • 5000 Impression
  • 5 Sponsored ADs
  • 500 Real Followers
  • Account Management
  • Login Required


100k one-Off
  • 30 Design Posts
  • 25,000 Impression
  • 15 Sponsored Posts
  • 1500 Real Followers
  • Account Management
  • Engagement Report
  • Insights Review
  • Login Required


165k One-Off
  • 50 Design Posts
  • 50,000 Impression
  • 25 Sponsored ADs
  • 2k Real Followers
  • Account Management
  • Engagement Report
  • Insights Review
  • Login Required


60k One-Off
  • 20 Design Posts
  • 10,000 Impression
  • 10 Sponsored ADs
  • 1k Real Followers
  • Account Management
  • Login Required

NB: “K” signifies thousand. You may combine any of the base packages above with the canvas packages below.

Canvas Packages

Agency Tasks






Campaign Points 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points
Per Month
Strategy Development
Weekly Performance review sessions
Weekly activities + KPI Report
Site Heatmap & Video Analysis
Online Reputation monitoring
Advanced Analytics & Analysis
Quarterly performance presentation
*Monthly Google analytics Report
Online project management

NB: This Online Marketing package includes the allotted points needed for tactical campaign development, deliverables and execution. Campaign points, which represent a fixed unit
of time-based on the deliverables are applied at the project level and allocated monthly based on our strategy & tactics. 

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